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June 30, 2015

“Live in the sunshine. Swim the sea. Drink the wild air.”
//Ralph Waldo Emerson

June. It’s been an amazing month.
It’s difficult to believe it’s at an end and we ring in July tomorrow!

I do chuckle at myself when I realize how little I’ve participated here at
Tittle & Jot like, since April?!
*clears throat*
I do apologize to my readers!
So, while it may have been very quiet in this corner over the past few months, I’ve been far from lazy in other areas!
In other words, my suitcase life has been hopping!

My family and I vacationed for a whole week with some dear friends in the Carolinas at the beginning of the month, the major sightseeing spots being Charleston and Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina! Boy, oh, boy! How does one begin to describe the time we had? It was a much needed and amazing break, if I do say myself!
Sullivan’s Island was that quaint little coastal town that captures your heart immediately upon arriving, even though we left much redder and crisper than we came, I wouldn’t have traded it for anything!
All the memories were worth the peeling skin! 🙂




And as to Charleston…
I personally have this thing for old historic towns, and Charleston was no disappointment! I must go back someday soon to explore those cobblestone streets with a greater thoroughness. . . one day was not enough time!





Travel. Even the word itself holds such mystery and excitement!
I think it’s the thought of seeing, tasting, sensing, feeling and exploring new things that has all the intrigue. Something you may have seen gobs of pictures of, but haven’t yet experienced them with your own eyes.
For what camera can capture the salty taste of the ocean spray? The texture of uneven cobblestone beneath your feet? The majesty of the June sky overhead? Or the thrill inside you when you arrive at your destination?
These things can only be experienced in person.
This is why travel is exciting, it’s discovering something never before found. Like a toddler standing on his own two feet without assistance for the first time.
There is a sense of wonder involved.
Needless to say, what a welcome intermission this adventure was! The places seen kindled a greater desire in me to return someday, which I definitely hope will be the case!
Until then, I am left with the beauty of the Lord’s creation I witnessed, the memories shared, and the excitement, though dwindled a bit, that still carries on!
This is the where the word “Unforgettable” sums everything up.

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